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Astrological Tidbits 

 Dec. 2010


We have been under the influence of Mercury retrograde since Dec. 10 and challenges in communications, technology, and travel will not begin to ease up and straighten out until it stations direct on Dec. 30.


Meantime, we are under the influence of a spectacularly rare Solstice Lunar Eclipse (lunar eclipses can only happen on the Full Moon, so it's that, too). The last time this lineup occurred was in 1703.


Plus, it is aligned within three degrees of the Galactic Core - the birthplace of our galaxy. As you can imagine, astrologers everywhere are quite excited about this. Lynn Hayes explains it as clearly and succinctly as just about anyone here.


On the 20-21 of December, there is a challenging square between retrograding Mercury (which is moving back into the volatile sign of Sagittarius) with Uranus and Jupiter. Astrologer Molly Cliborne suggests that we should travel before the square, or else let it pass before heading off for the holidays. 


Astrologer Lara Owen notes that on Dec. 26, the Sun conjuncts Pluto, and although this occurs once a year, it can stir the pot somewhat by uncovering secrets and even triggering violence.


She suggests that "The best way to use this energy is to take a bit of quiet time and allow the light of awareness to fall on your hidden self and on suppressed or neglected dreams and longings."


And one final caveat.  On Dec. 29, right as Mercury prepares to shift gears and go direct again (which is the most common time for things to go awry), we also have Mars squaring Saturn. Lara explains that this can bring about, "an irritable, gnarly energy. And also a signature for engine failure or breakdown. If you have to go out in the snow, take supplies and a spade!"


All that said, bear in mind that the New Year will commence with no planets retrograde.  The delays, setbacks and frustrations that have been all too common for months should now give way to a much better flow. 


And with another intense eclipse (this time, solar) coming Jan. 4, it is definitely going to be "interesting times!"


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