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From The Desk Of Sonia Choquette

Re: Are You Ready For Take Off?

My Dear Beloved Six Sensories,

Are you ready for take off?

Some people are...

Some people are not.

It's time for you to decide. FYI-I do hope you say yes!

And, when you do say YES!

Get ready- fasten your seat belt and put your tray tables in the upright and locked position.

Because it is time for your life to take off. The question is not are you ready, but how soon can I take off? In fact, it's possible for your life to take off today.

Yes, that's right I said it. It's possible for your life to take off today! You don't have to wait. You just have to immerse yourself in a mindset- a way of thinking- that makes it possible. I will show you how easy this is so you can start applying it in less than 30 days.

You have to learn how Traveling at the Speed of Love works and how it can bring you to a better place. I am ready to share with you all the concepts and ideas from my latest book all in a way you will find easy to understand and even easier to take action.

I have prepared a Traveling at the Speed of Love Immersion Program so you can learn how to:


    • Take Off Are you ready to discover your power and use it to your benefit

    • Raise Your Vibration Quickly learn how to live in ease and flow and get out of your own way

   • Lightening The Load Recognizing and releasing unconscious obstacles and getting on with the good life

   • Living a First Class Life Attracting to you the best life has to give.

Master Turbulence and how to have a First Class Ride while paying a coach price.

I will be your personal guide during this live 4 lecture virtual workshop series over the next 20 days.

If you want to learn more go here http:/


as I have a personal message for you.

But don't wait to take action. Access is going to be limited and the price will go up after you VIP's have been given notice that the Traveling at the Speed of Love Program is open.

I look forward to seeing you in first class.

All My Love,


P.S. I will begin The Speed Of Love Immersion Program with 4 live lectures with topics like, Taking Off, Raise Your Vibration Quickly, Lightening The Load and Living a First Class Life.

Learn more here http:/

P.P.S You’ll be able to access the Speed of Love Immersion Program via a Webcast or Telephone. The 4 live lectures will be recorded and be available for your download at any time. Right now, there are people in the participant area waiting to connectwith you.




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Sonia's new 30 day 'Soul Guide' online course is exciting.  I'm taking it right now - Day 3!

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