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:P Hello! My name is Tina. We may not have met, but I love you. I want to hear your story. Please join me in our Forums. I moderate each and every one.  I am very excited to hear about your life, personality, culture, and energy.

I'd like to be a friend and provide guidance in your journey. I plan to create a variety of successes for you and all the other members of Soul Goal. You may want help others too. If so, then together we are manifesting love, inspiration, and abundant joy. It's an incredible Gaia experience. My vision is sliding down the rainbow into the pot of gold, drifting on a beautiful stream that leads us to peace and wisdom. Take my hand and let's go!



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I live in Northern NJ. It's a beautiful day. I'm enjoy this summer season.

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I love that oak tree picture!

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Hello all.  I'm Kenny Powers.  That tree is awesome.  This site is great.  I'll keep searching through it and finding things I like.  Oh, like the birthdays list to my left!  On this day, King John V of Portugal was born!

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Today I had a discussion about the Holy Spirit with Mr. Eugene Williams on Twitter. I thought you might like to see our remarks:

The_ManOfBronze @TooCooL747 That sounds pretty good and simple, but you can only go so far with a literal meaning of the entire Bible.


The_ManOfBronze @TooCooL747 Those references may do well for the curious or the scholar...but when finding the "inner meaning", I'll trust the Holy Spirit.

Yoniyama #1luv #HolySpirit --> RT @The_ManOfBronze @TooCooL747 Those refs may do...but when finding the "inner meaning", I'll trust the Holy Spirit.

TooCooL747 @yoniyama @The_ManOfBronze I respect that. Could you all give me the meaning of the holy spirit?

Yoniyama @TooCooL747 Holy Spirit is inside each of us. Holy Spirit keeps us glad to be alive & joyous & conscious & respectful & faithful-Holy Spirit works wonders

TooCooL747 @yoniyama Normally I would agree just upon its artistic value but you debate me alot so this is a chance to actually break this ship down.

TooCooL747 @yoniyama The spirt is just a feeling, e.g., love, hate, envy, and etc. Now, what makes this feeling holy(Sun) is a holy feeling, e.g., postive thoughts. The soul is actually the vehicle for the spirit to express its self. The holy spirit is an energy we must tap into. But I guess you can say its also a form of intutution.


Yoniyama @TooCooL747 Holy spirit is always present. It's god inside of us - nurturing us. It certainly is not "just a feeling" like hate or envy. We can tap into it or not...that's your choice. But it allows us to believe, have faith in things other than what our mind and logic would tell us to believe. I do agree that it provides an intuitive guidance. It also allows us to get out of our ego and its reactionary response.

You can enter a divine center of balance and understanding through the holy spirit. Holy spirit is a blessing provided to each individual as they take their first breath. It is always with you. Just be silent and'll feel it warm your heart.

TooCooL747 @yoniyama I understand that the holy spirit  is always present, but it's not always holy. What makes the holy spirit holy? Positive feelings. Feelings are thought, right? Everything has a spirit. It is the frequency that you tap into that makes that energy you think with holy.


Yoniyama @TooCooL747  Feelings are completely separate from thought...For example, you have feelings when you dream, but you're not really thinking when you dream, are you? It's your subconcious...its your connection with the universe, with your inner (holy) light, or the late-night burrito you had before bed. Energy and thinking are not anywhere near each other. Your logical mind can certainly use energy to create positive or negative thoughts. But it's your Holy Spirit (god) that sustains you through every moment. It diciphers truth v. lie, and gives you the strength to stand up for your beliefs. Holy Spirit is not a 'positive feeling' in your simplified explanation. Holy Spirit is a divine essence, a powerful presence, and can shift you into unimaginable realms.

TooCooL747 @yoniyama A feeling is thought because its an emotin. what's an emotion? A emotion is an electrial thought. Everything is energy. Its undisputed that spirit is energy, because the spirit makes things animate. It takes energy to make anything animate. It's simple when you take out all the spookism.

TooCooL747 @yoniyama Just think of it when someone says, "That's the spirit!", think of it as meaning, "That's the feeling!"

TooCooL747 @yoniyama Thoughts are pure energy because thoughts create actions. It takes energy/spirit/feeling to create anything.

@TooCooL747 Thoughts are energy true...but spirit is not 'just feeling' - as I've stated previously. I've said my piece. Thx 4 judging.

Yoniyama @toocool747 What does 'spookism' have to do w/ the Holy Spirit? Did you read anything I just wrote or did you just want to talk your talk?


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